I understand what it’s like to have a dream that feels unattainable. You want to move forward, but you’re stuck in fear, uncertainty and doubt - and it’s holding you back from the life you’re meant to have. I also believe, in every cell of my body, that you have what it takes to move beyond those limiting beliefs and build a business wit h purpose and impact. One that gets you excited to get out of bed and start to work everyday, and brings a level of joy and fulfillment back into your life that you didn’t know was possible.

My Story

My business is the business of happiness, and it was born the day I was. Fariha literally means “full of happiness.” My name is a reminder of the work I’m called to do.

So, what set me on the path to finding my happy? Not too long ago, like many women, I struggled with a lot of things, including my weight. The joys of motherhood coupled with a sedentary lifestyle had left their mark. I was inching closer to a number on the scale I DID NOT want to cross. In reality, THAT number was nothing more than a mental line in the sand, but I became increasingly uncomfortable thinking about it - as if the scale would crumble beneath my feet if I moved past that mark. 

On my way to an ice cream shop one day, I decided to make a change. I ditched the original plan of driving over for a treat, and instead walked into the nearby Jenny Craig. I stepped up to the counter and stated my intention - I wanted to lose weight. I wasn’t sure if it was possible or how it would happen, but somehow I found the courage to take that first step. The manager’s quick and easy assurance -- of course my goal was possible -- was my first lesson in how valuable the support of others can be in achieving one’s dreams. 

Joining a weight loss program meant increasing my physical activity. I soon discovered (and fell in love with) Zumba® Fitness. I started doing 20 minutes of Zumba® at home, and before I knew it, I was attending several hour-long classes every week. As my passion flourished, many asked, suggested and wondered if I planned to become a Zumba® instructor. My old stories of fear and self-doubt came back strong and loud, trying to talk me out of the idea. “I can’t dance,” I’d answer. “I just do this for fun! I’ll never be an instructor! Not in a million years!” Famous last words... 

Courage, though, comes when you least expect it. I decided I wasn’t going to run away from opportunities anymore, especially not ones that light me up inside. I was beginning to realize and understand the power my thoughts had over me, and that by shifting to a more positive mindset, I was capable of anything I desired. 

Just over one year after I walked into that Jenny Craig, I found myself 55 lbs lighter and a licensed Zumba® instructor. My weight loss journey not only transformed my personal life, it fueled me to help lift others up and offer them the encouragement and support they needed to go after their owns dreams. 

I believe that women already have the tools they need to find happiness.


I also know sometimes it’s hard to recognize our own inner strengths and put them to work to create the personal transformation we desire. When I learned about life coaching, and the role it could play in helping others create the life of their dreams, I knew I’d found the work I was meant for and Positively Fariha emerged.  

My mission is to help women like you to overcome YOUR mindset blocks and go out and claim success on your own terms. It happens when you learn to unleash the power of positive thinking to gain the clarity, certainty and confidence you need to be successful.