Follow Your Passion

You check your reflection for the fifth time – is your skirt straight? Is your hair ok? Have you got something in your teeth?

Of course, your reflection is exactly the same as the previous four times you’ve looked at it. Everything is in its place, and you’re ready for the interview.

You want this job.

Your heart beats wildly when you get the phone call days later – you’ve got it!

And when you show up, perfectly pressed on your first day, you feel like a little kid on the first day of school.

Maybe, you think, this is it. Maybe this is where you’re meant to be. Maybe this is what you’re meant to do.

But eventually… you realize it’s not. Maybe you don’t want to acknowledge it, but you know the truth. When you wake up every morning with a lump in your throat, dreading the commute and the meetings and the endless blah, blah, blah. When you count the minutes until five o’clock – until the moment you can be anywhere but here. When you start fantasizing about lunch – that brief 45 minutes that isn’t filled up with meaningless meetings and excel spreadsheets.

You’re meant for more, you finally realize.

So you begin the process again. You job-hunt. You interview. You revise your LinkedIn page again and again, somehow hoping to make it represent who you are, and not just what you’ve been doing.

And then the breathless interview. And the first-day-of-school jitters. And it all happens again, the same way it did before.

It’s not so bad, you think to yourself. Your job isn’t difficult or physically taxing. Your coworkers are nice.

And, you think, everybody hates their job, don’t they? Isn’t hating your job just a part of life? Isn’t it just the sort of thing you accept when you become an adult?

Fairytales aren’t real. Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Work sucks. It’s just a part of adulthood, isn’t it?

To set the record straight, I don’t hate my job. I like the company I work for. My co-workers are all lovely people. (Yes, really.) My boss and I generally get along. In fact, for over a year now, my boss has wanted to promote me.

And yet, I’ve been resisting.

Why would I resist something that’s good for me?

Why would I turn down more money?

Faced with my counterintuitive instincts, I stopped to take stock.

When you find yourself in a position many people would kill for and you’re filled a sense of “meh,” ask yourself why.

To give you a little background: my kids are getting ready to fly the nest. My eldest just finished his first year of university and my youngest, his first year of high school. In 3 very short years, they’ll be grown up and gone. And I’ve a horribly long commute. In the best morning rush, it takes me close to an hour to get to work, and an hour to get home.

Stir these facts up with the fact that my life has changed dramatically in the last five years: In the past five years, I have made myself a priority. Mindful of my parents’ health issues and my own ballooning weight, I decided to make a change. I became more mindful of what I ate, began counting calories and cutting out foods that I felt weren’t good for me. I began exercising. I started by parking the car at the far end of the parking lot and taking the stairs to my third-floor cubicle. Eventually, I found Zumba®. I started with the video game version, and then I got brave enough to take a class. Attending that class lead to my eventually becoming a licensed Zumba® instructor.

I’ve got a confession, reader: public speaking scares me. It took a long time for me to be comfortable with just the idea of leading a song, much less leading a whole class. I had been steadily losing weight, so when I took the training to become an instructor, it really was just for the challenge and for the fun of it.

My instructor repeatedly told me I’d end up teaching. I didn’t believe her. I vehemently swore I wouldn’t. But… bit by bit, I did. First a song, then a full blown class. I found my passion -- I love being a Zumba® instructor.

I can’t see you rolling your eyes through the screen, but I can feel it. You’re sitting at your cubicle.

“Great,” you think. “So she’s a Zumba® instructor. What does she want from me? I don’t want to be a Zumba instructor.”

This, dear reader, is where my blog goes from being all about me, to being all about you, as it should be. It’s taken me a long time to make the jump from what I thought I should be doing to doing what actually makes me happy. And it wasn’t easy. My Zumba® instructor, and countless family and friends helped me along my path. And now, I want to help other people make the same journey.

I know not everyone wants to be a Zumba® instructor. But everyone wants to find their dream. And whatever your dream is – whatever you’re truly meant to be doing – you’re not going to find it in your cubicle.

Let me help you start your journey.

You want to be a coach. You want to help others. You want to leave corporate life in the dust. You’re in the right place. I’ve created a short guide to help you discover: 

✔️ Your WHY
✔️ Your BLOCKS

Get the road map and catapult your coaching career!



You want to be a coach. And, you want to leave corporate life in the dust. You’re in the right place. I’ve created a short guide to help you discover:

✔️ Your WHY
✔️ Your BLOCKS

Get the road map and catapult your coaching career!